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About Us

hedge trimming Brisbane

Our name is Bayside Mowing and we are the leading source of lawn and landscaping services in the Bayside area of Brisbane. All of us like to keep our properties looking the best and all of that starts with your outdoor space. Freshly cut lawns, nicely pruned flowerbeds and fine examples of landscaping work. Those are the things that we all want to show off in our neighbourhoods and by trusting in our great services, that is exactly what we can bring to you. All of the members of our team are highly skilled with landscaping work and have plenty of years of experience helping out in the yards of our clients. Any one of them would be able to tell you about the high standards that we hold ourselves to and our remarkable eye for detail.

We strive to be able to do just one thing – make good on your landscaping needs. You can count on us as often as you need and for just about any job in your backyard. We always go above and beyond for our customers, to make sure that we can deliver exactly the things that are going to fit into your perfect garden space. Above all else, your satisfaction is the thing that we work for. From us, you can expect a fully committed service and the finest examples of personal care, every single time. So, don’t wait a second longer hesitating to speak to our team, so you can find out exactly what it is that we can do for you.

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