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Garden Maintenance Brisbane

A garden is something that you invest your time and your money into. A part

of your home that you undoubtedly want to look the very best, you show it care and affection.

But that is something that you need to be doing week after week if you intend to enjoy your garden areas for many years.

At Bayside Mowing, we know that can be a struggle for busy Bayside residents to have to keep up with and it eats into your valuable free time. And for this reason, we are proud to offer you the ideal solution of our premium garden maintenance services.

Our experienced team can help you with all of your garden maintenance work for as long as you need us to, offering some of the most affordable prices in town.

So, give us a call today and let us show you exactly why we are trusted by so

many other garden enthusiasts.

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Garden Watering

Nothing is more important for your plants, lawn and flowers than water.

Especially during the hotter summer months and the dryer winter ones, keeping

up with the watering is essential work. And, our team know exactly how to

deliver water best. When you trust us for the work, we apply the most suitable

amounts to each unique plant and we make sure that we are accounting for the

weather at the time. Although watering can seem simple, the most optimal

results can be found when it is done by knowledgeable professionals. So, save

yourself the time and the hassle and leave the job to our team.

Mulching and Fertilization

Just as important as water, the nutrients and minerals that your plant receives can make all the difference to the health and quality of their growth.

Fertilization and mulching are very essential services and should be done routinely over time. Our team make use of numerous high-quality fertilizers and mulches

We always apply the suitable products for your plants and make sure that your entire garden is being given the right nutrients when they need them.

Garden Pest Control

Few things can be as detrimental to a garden than pests.

Things like slugs and caterpillars, beetles and bugs can all leave a mark on your garden, eating their way through flowers, plants and vegetables without stopping.

We apply can various methods of pest control to the gardens of our garden, making sure that we find the ways to keep the pests far away, without any harm coming to your pets or garden.

Trimming and Pruning

Your trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges all play important roles in the overall look of your backyard. You want each one to be looking great and staying in a healthy condition, for the long-term. But if you aren’t keeping up with the necessary trimming and pruning work for your plants, you aren’t going to be able to guarantee that. These are hugely important for all of your foliage and something that our team can provide you expert services in. So, make sure you are getting the most from your trees and bushes and trust us with the task.

We Do All Garden Care : Mulching, Watering, Pruning And Green Waste Removal.

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